Increase your votes:

Each month with your Gold Membership you will receive 100 additional votes to increase your competitiveness and always positioning yourself at the top of the ranking.

Increase your viewers:

Immediately by adding a gold membership to your project you will get a banner 20% larger in gold and more eye catching decoration with which you can attract the attention of users who visit realtopgames.

Customize your banner:

By customizing you will instantly increase visits to your server. You will have the possibility of adding a standard size 468x60px image in png, jpg or gif format with the design of your choice, this image will be hosted on your web server and you can change it whenever you want.

Increase your visits:

We have proven that obtaining a gold membership will increase up to 40% the entries to your server, for this reason a gold membership will be the best investment you can make to increase traffic to your server

Reward your users: (free postback)

When having a gold membership you get access to our users awards API, with it you we will be notified when and which user has voted for you, with this system you will incentive users to vote for you.